Barry Donadio’s Book “TWA Flight 800 First Responder Witness Account”

Barry Donadio Recalls The TWA Flight 800 Crash On The 20 Year Anniversary

My response to the crash began from a tiny ambulance garage in New York. I was an Emergency Medical Technician with the East Moriches Community Volunteer Ambulance. From that ambulance garage, we responded to the East Moriches Coast Guard Station. Once there, we first though that we would be tending to survivors. As boats brought the bodies of the victims to the Coast Guard Station we began to realize the horrible reality. There was that not even one person that survived the crash. Death did not discriminate on that terrible night. Men, women and children of all ages perished. It did not matter what race or religion they were, they were all taken that night.

You can discover more of what happened that night by reading my witness statement. My account regarding the evening of July 17th 1996 is contained in my book. I have also included in the book, other emergencies that I responded to in my career as a Fireman and Emergency Medical Technician.

Follow the link below to my book on Amazon. You can purchase it as a soft cover book or electronic kindle version download.

I will be in New York in July 2016. I will be attending the memorial services and meeting with those affected by this incident.

Barry R. Donadio
TWA Flight 800 First Responder

President of Public Security LLC, Former U.S. Secret Service, Celebrity Author, American Politician, Sergeant at Arms of the MDGOP, Pro-America

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