Barry Donadio Seeks Re-election To Queen Anne’s County Republican Central Committee In 2018

On October 4th 2017, Committeeman Barry Donadio filed candidacy to be re-elected to the Queen Anne’s County Republican Central Committee in Maryland.

Committeeman Donadio was originally elected to the Queen Anne’s County Republican Central Committee in June 2014. He has served his full term as a Committeeman for the past 4 years with zeal.

The Republican Central Committee consists of elected or appointed members which are all Officers of the Republican Party.

Committeeman Donadio promoted the cause of good government by enlisting the support of citizens for the Republican Party, worked important Republican events in the county and supported Conservative Republicans.

He endorsed two heavy hitting Conservative Republicans. One being Nicolee Ambrose, who was subsequently elected as Maryland’s National Committeewoman of the Republican National Committee. Donadio also endorsed David Bossie who also became a Maryland National Committeeman and later worked as a Deputy Campaign Manager for President Donald Trump.

Under his nominating authority, Donadio and his current Republican Central Committee had nominated for appointment, one County Commissioner, two Board of Elections Members, multiple Members of the Republican Central Committee and a Member of the Board of Education.

Core Republican values like the cutting taxes, creating jobs, protecting the Second Amendment, supporting Veterans, Police and First Responders have been Donadio’s priorities.

Committeeman Donadio welcomes all county residents to meet with him and exchange thoughts on improving Queen Anne’s County and expectations of the Republican Party. He would also like to hear from those interested in taking roles in the Party. “We need Volunteers and supporters with new ideas to keep the Republican Party in our county robust and effective.” said Donadio. He also encourages informed and intelligent Republicans to run for office even if they have no experience doing so.

On September 9th 2017, Mr. Donadio announced that he was seriously considering a filing candidacy for Queen Anne’s County Board of Education. Donadio stated that is still a possibility. Citizens are permitted to be a Candidate for Republican Central Committee and another public office at the same time.

Barry Donadio has been a resident of Queen Anne’s County for over 13 years. He led an honorable career in the Volunteer Ambulance Service, Volunteer Fire Department, the Military, Law Enforcement, and the United States Secret Service. He was assigned to the White House during the Bush and Obama Administrations. He also served in multiple Middle Eastern war zones during his career. In 2013, he published the book “ TWA Flight 800 First Responder Witness Account”. This is an account describing his actions during the rescue of TWA Flight 800 on July 17th 1996. In 2014, he was elected to the Queen Anne’s County Republican Central Committee in Maryland. He currently serves as President of Public Security LLC, which is a high end private security, executive protection and investigation firm licensed in Maryland and New York. In January 2017, he was appointed the Sergeant At Arms of the Maryland Republican Party by the Honorable Dirk Haire, Chair of the MDGOP.

President of Public Security LLC, Former U.S. Secret Service, Celebrity Author, American Politician, Sergeant at Arms of the MDGOP, Pro-America

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