Barry Donadio’s 2nd Book, A Brilliant Example Of Christian Resistance From Evil

Barry Donadio’s 2nd published in August 2019 “That Day When Hell Froze Over”
Barry Donadio, Celebrity Author of “That Day When Hell Froze Over”(Photo by Matthew Abbott)

“I liked the setting, the characters and the overall story. It was well written and kept my interest throughout the book. I was drawn to Mr. Donadio’s writings from his prior book, Flight 800, an interesting and fact based read.”

“It held my attention from the beginning till the ending which really I wanted to read more about the lives of the people in it. From the beginning it was like mini-stories inside of mini-stories you had to follow each character to realize what important part they were playing it was amazing to watch how it all fell into place. Through the book all the mini-stories came together as one beautiful story about how to trust in your beliefs in a higher being, even though the devil will try his best in every shape and form. It kept me interested and I did read it within two days. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.”

“I very much enjoyed reading this book. The story was original. Was appropriate for the date and time in history. Will be reading it again. Also bought as gift for others.”

Barry Donadio’s “That Day When Hell Froze Over”

President of Public Security LLC, Former U.S. Secret Service, Celebrity Author, American Politician, Sergeant at Arms of the MDGOP, Pro-America

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