Donadio’s Detective Agency Searched For Missing Kent Island Youth

Barry Donadio President of Public Security LLC Private Detective Firm (Photos by Matthew Abbott)

On July 31st, 2017, a youth living in Chester, Maryland was reported as being missing through numerous social media posts. The female youth had been missing from the night before. She disappeared from her Kent Island residence around 11:30pm. The family notified the local Sheriff’s Department and waited to hear from their daughter. Residents of Queen Anne’s County where she resides, shared the news of the missing young lady in over 400 social media shares. They also offered prayers and support for the worried family.

Barry Donadio is a former member of the U.S. Secret Service that leads Public Security LLC, based on Kent Island. It is a high end private security and investigation firm that has provided a variety of services to clients in Maryland. Mr. Donadio also owns a house on Kent Island.

Public Security LLC Private Detective sedan

When Mr. Donadio learned of the missing child, he offered full support to the family pro-bono. He contacted the mother of the lost child and immediately had his Detective Agency searching for the lost girl.

“I have children and I know how worried the missing child’s family must have felt”, said Donadio. “In my line of work, I tend to think the worst until other proof presents itself”. “My firm was treating this seriously and we began mobile patrols on the island in hopes of finding the child.”

Donadio began planning with his Private Detectives and local Volunteers in order to coordinate a massive search of the immediate area by the end of the day.

He was also planning on using his office located near the Kent Island airport as a command center for the effort.

Mr. Donadio said “We were not going to stop searching until this child was found.” “We are not going to let a child go missing in our community by simply sitting and doing nothing.”

Before Donadio’s plans could be implemented, the child was located unharmed and back with her family. Donadio further stated; “I am extremely delighted that this event ended with the safe return of the child to her home and family.” “It was time well spent by my Staff involved in this response.”

Under the provisions of Maryland State laws, Private Detective Agencies are licensed to locate missing persons, investigate crimes and wrong doings and even provide armed executive protection to private citizens.

Public Security LLC has been a strong supporter in the local community by offering assistance during catastrophe and misfortune to residents.

President of Public Security LLC, Former U.S. Secret Service, Celebrity Author, American Politician, Sergeant at Arms of the MDGOP, Pro-America

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