“Not On My Watch” Says Donadio To Queen Anne’s County Becoming Sanctuary County

Barry Donadio Candidate for Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. (Photo by Matthew Abbott)

On April 3rd 2018, Barry Donadio stated that he would not support any moves to make Queen Anne’s County, Maryland a sanctuary county for illegal immigrants.

Barry Donadio is a Candidate for Commissioner of Queen Anne’s County Maryland that strongly opposes sanctuary cities in the United States.
Donadio said that he wanted to set the record straight on where he stands against sanctuary cities.

“Queen Anne’s County will not become a sanctuary county on my watch”, said Donadio.

Donadio said that there aren’t any sanctuary cities for Americans in other countries and he questions why there would be sanctuary cities in the United States for illegal aliens to seek refuge.

Donadio said he would vote against any move towards a sanctuary status that crosses his desk.

“I do believe that there should be a path for those seeking citizenship such as military service or academic service to the United States. “ Donadio commented.

Donadio had an extensive law enforcement career that included the United States Secret Service. He is a supporter of immigration enforcement in Queen Anne’s County.

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