Republican Politician Barry Donadio Endorses Dr. Andy Harris For U.S. Congressman in Maryland 2020

Congressman Andy Harris and wife Nicole pose for a photo with Barry Donadio (Photo by Phil Tran)

On May 3rd 2020, Conservative Republican Politician Barry Donadio endorsed Dr. Andy Harris for U.S. Congress in Maryland’s 1st District for the 2020 election. Donadio also endorsed Mrs. Nicole Beus Harris for Alt. Delegate to the Republican National Committee in District 1.

One thing is for sure, Donadio likes conservative Republicans who protect the second amendment and fight for a strong U.S. Military. He also backs pro-life politicians.

On May 3rd 2020 Donadio said: “I just got done filling out my mail in primary election ballot. I am happy to announce that I voted for and fully support Dr. Andy Harris for Representative in U.S. Congress for Maryland’s District 1.”

In addition, Donadio said: “I back Nicole Beus Harris. That is why I am proudly voting for her for Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention District 1.”

Donadio described Dr. Andy Harris as a people’s Congressmen that is focused on providing the best service to the people he represents in his district.

“ I have seen him with my own eyes zealously defend attacks on the second amendment.” I have also seen him do everything in his power to assist veterans and fight for their rights.” said Donadio.

Donadio is encouraging all his supporters to assist the Harris campaign and make a contribution.














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Barry Donadio Celebrity Author

Barry Donadio Celebrity Author

President of Public Security LLC, Former U.S. Secret Service, Celebrity Author, American Politician, Sergeant at Arms of the MDGOP, Pro-America