School Shootings: Donadio Says, When Will They Listen To Sound Advice From Experts?

Barry Donadio Celebrity Author
5 min readMay 27, 2022


Barry Donadio Former U.S. Secret Service

Barry Donadio is a former member of the United States Secret Service and Founder of Public Security LLC a private security and investigative firm that also trains citizens in armed self-defense. He is echoing his call for armed police or armed security at every high school, middle school, elementary school, college and trade school.

Donadio has spent a lot of time trying to convince society to stop restricting the legal rights for Americans to own and carry firearms. He wants them to practice their natural right to self defense. He has also publicly warned as far back as March 25th 2018 in a press release shared when he was running for political office in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland.

Donadio said that school shootings are an unfortunate trend that is nothing new and are not going away. Just like we have met the challenges with airport security measures , we now have to meet the challenge with security of educational institutions.

Donadio stated that in his lifetime there had been vast upgrades in airport security measures since he was a child. Measures of safety as well as security.

For example: He remembers when passengers were able to smoke on airplanes while in flight, which is inconceivable today. He also remembers not even being checked for weapons prior to boarding an aircraft depending on what airport you were at. When the trend of attacking aircraft became apparent, the world successfully adjusted the security measures to meet the threat on a global level.

Donadio says: We now must again adjust our security posture on a global level to meet the ever evolving security threat against our children at all schools across the world immediately. To hope for the best and ignore the threat will only make us the more appealing target of opportunity for those whom are evil.

Barry Donadio, U.S. Secret Service Emergency Response Team (ERT) protecting the White House North grounds in Apr. 2008 (photo by Christy Bowe Imagecatcher News)

On May 27th 2022, Donadio made a strong statement supporting his point on a facebook post in a Maryland facebook group named “Residents of Centreville” This being all prompted in the wake of recent shootings in America.

Donadio said in the statement;

“The job of police and or security is to stop the action of the assailant, draw fire away from innocent victims allowing vital seconds to allow escape of the innocent. Those of us in this profession (former or current) know and understand that we may die protecting YOU and never see our families again on every occasion we go to work. No thanks needed. It is the profession we entered and we accept that. You are correct, I am sure there has been incidents when security/law enforcement may have failed in their duty but the overwhelming fact is that they deter so many more and they do win engagements because of their training and experience. We rarely hear about the events when they thwart attacks because it does not fit the narrative that anti-gun media is pushing. We have to ask ourselves, would the out come have been different in any school or active shooting if there were police already posted in the school? My professional opinion which is based on training, knowledge and experience and not my fear is: YES. Of course having and armed police/security posted at a active shooting scene will indeed change the outcome towards the positive, but they must engage the assailant immediately. I think almost everyone will say yes, so I don’t see the resistance to it. I have no problem if some teachers are armed that have a military, security or law enforcement background. I have a child in KIHS. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. We all agree that no one wants any of this. Most every gun owner I know including me, agree with you regarding getting common sense gun laws.(Not based on fear) We do not agree with disarming a society to make others somehow feel safer when they are not any safer at all from these laws. We can’t deny that illegal guns are being brought into this country and our towns through an unprotected border. Yes folks, they are bringing in guns along with drugs and trafficked humans. Yet we seek to restrict ourselves and not criminals on the border. Look at all the laws we already have in place, did any of those laws save anyone who was killed by a gun this year? NOPE. Another so called common sense gun law won’t help either since no criminal follows any law. Only law abiding citizens follow laws. No more fear based, knee jerk reaction gun laws that don’t work please. There are hundreds if not thousands of gun owners living in Queen Anne’s County, yet none of them hurt anyone. We are going to have to get use to it as a society that just like you have ARMED police/security at every airport, there will need to be ARMED police/security at every school. It is a trending thing to attack schools and we must adjust our resources to deter and stop these attacks. Yes, we need ARMED police/security at every daycare, elementary, middle school, and trade tech school too. We just do not know where the next attack will occur. This is all very simple. Follow the U.S. constitution all the time not only when it is convenient for some. It is there in black and white and the supreme court has backed it every time. We ALL have a natural right to self defense. If we were ALL ARMED the way the constitution means it to be, what criminal could kill so many people if everyone were armed? We have tried and tried with so many failures putting what I call senseless gun laws and you now see the result again. I think at this juncture we need to try the other way by legally arming our citizens so they can protect themselves, family, and country.”

Barry Donadio at one of his firearms training sessions in the summer of 2020 in Maryland (photo by Matthew Abbott)



Barry Donadio Celebrity Author

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