“U.S. Navy Needs 40 Aircraft Carriers”, Says Barry Donadio.

Barry Donadio Celebrity Author
9 min readJan 13, 2024
USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78). U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jackson Adkins

Barry Donadio, a former member of the U.S. Secret Service turned private National Security Consultant sounds the alarm. He says that the U.S. Navy needs at least 40 aircraft carriers to meet current national security demands and emerging threats across the globe with a focus on Asia.

Barry Donadio describes why he is recommending a cost staggering huge boost to the United States Navy. His recommended upgrade which may be essential to maintain U.S. global dominance and in certain cases for outright U.S. survival as a sovereign nation.

Our new world in 2024:

Donadio stated: “In a very short time the world has drastically changed. Today, we are in 2024 with large scale deadly conflict occurring between Russia and Ukraine. A declared war from Israel against Hamas and which will most likely become an offensive on Hezbollah in Lebanon. We have Venezuela and Guyana about to go into armed conflict over disputed territory. North Korea is threatening South Korea and they have the military to back their words. Iran continues its efforts to push the United States out of the Middle East. There are new forms of threats we have not seen before, such as using mass human immigration as a weapon of destabilization. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have all partnered up to create a new currency called BRICS. This new currency was created to dump the U.S. dollar from being the world trade currency. As an opposing force to NATO, there is the SCO. It is a nine member state organization called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. It consists of some of our potential future military opponents. Those countries are China, Russia, and Iran. There are some new technologies coming to the forefront of war that I don’t think any modern military is fully ready to confront.”

“Some other things that are not helping the American status on the world stage is the perceived decline of the United States. The world has generally accepted that the United States fell on January 6th 2021 from the riots at the Capitol building. Although this is not true, the world very much believes it to be true. It has left many countries not fully confident in American status since the riots. Many consider that day to have been the final day of American dominance. The American failure to score up a win for Ukraine as of yet is also a huge issue for the United States. Let’s not forget the collapse of the U.S. stock market that began in 2007 and leveled out in 2009 cutting the Dow Jones Industrial Average in half. This was a collapse that is still very much down played today that still affects the nation today.“

Russian Naval Threat? Not really;

Donadio said; “Make no mistake about it, Russia has a powerful navy, but only for the regions near its territorial waters. They dominate weaker countries near them with high numbers of ships. It seems to me that because Russia is such a large country, most of its navy is needed to defend its coasts. Of course Russia’s submarines are the most formidable part of their Navy. Out side of that and leaving nukes aside. I don’t see Russia’s naval power projection. I also don’t see their naval global domination aspirations to be valid. I do see their ability to menace the U.S. and its allies with their vast numbers of submarines. As far as being able to move its navy across the globe with any real impact on changing an outcome during conflict, it truly escapes me. Russias sole aircraft carrier the Admiral Kuznetsov is severely inadequate. In a direct war with the U.S. , I predict that Russia’s carrier would have a 24 hour life span at the moment it departs Russia’s territorial waters. If it lasted longer than 24 hours, it would simply be due to the U.S. Navy allowing it to stay afloat until it choose to address it.”

What about China’s Navy?

Donadio said; “Now China is a different story. I have grown very concerned for China’s rapid naval buildup and their ability to build so many ships in a very short period of time. They are not building low quality ships. They are building highly lethal and capable ships that are as good as U.S. Navy war ships. To make it worse, they have more ships than the United States now. They simply have too many high quality ships for us to deal with. China has a respectable navy and submarine force that would give the U.S. Navy a run for its money. Their advanced fighter jets would also cause huge problems for the U.S. to maintain air superiority where ever China has jets in the air. It is a scenario I hope never to see because each side will pay dearly for every inch of the sky they are trying to dominate. China’s navy has the ability to project more power away from its shores than Russia’s navy. China has displayed some interesting abilities with its navy which is now a blue water capable force. I was impressed by their 40 mile long line of navy ships in convoy that they displayed to the world as a show of force. It is no easy task to completely encircle an entire country with war ships. They pulled off this feat on Taiwan. It appears to me that they might just keep Taiwan encircled for good the next time they do it. That would take some serious naval power to break that blockade. China may even attempt to take a territory like Guam, Palau or another island in the island nation of Micronesia. The repercussions of that act would be devastating to the United States. Leaving nukes out of this scenario, this would be a very hard fight for each nation because of the logistical challenges. The U.S. would win this tug of war, providing our aircraft carriers were literally right there when the conflict kicked off. China’s aircraft carriers are getting more advanced and harder to beat. I think the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning would suffer the same fate as Russia’s sole carrier in the same order of fashion. Im not sure sure about their other carriers, which are more advanced and they are building more. At the end of the day, if we have a scuffle with China, we are going to need more advanced destroyers, submarines and more aircraft carriers, thats just the bottom line.”

Can America afford to lose? Here is what losing looks like:

Donadio says; “We are now living in a world where it is quite feasible for an alliance of opponent countries to work in coalition to conduct a first strike crippling blow against the United States. An attack similar to the December 7th 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, but this attack would be more severe. This would most likely be a multi-domain attack all at once to include air, sea, cyber, artificial intelligence, drones and even possibly a small scale nuclear device.”

“It would be designed to make the U.S. seek settlement instead of continuing to full scale war. If successful, the world as we know it today will be gone. Freedoms will erode over night, the stock market will crash and stay there for a decade. We will have a dollar which will become close to worthless as the U.S economy would collapse. A loaf of bread will possibly cost $1000. Retirement accounts would be gone and we would say goodbye to social security forever. A new unit of currency for the United States would need to be negotiated and we would be serving new masters. Those new masters would most likely be at the world bank. The lenders at the world bank would be controlled by none other than, China. Soon after that happens, American authorities would need to begin appeasing their new lenders. Further erosion of freedoms would occur very fast. Any speech against China would be a crime, religious freedoms would be gone, even crosses that are in public view on churches would be removed and discarded. American politicians not friendly to China would be persecuted in an American courtroom. Our friends across the globe would begin to isolate themselves from the U.S. and it’s allies. Our allies would then begin appeasing China. They would also be seeking ways to survive in the new world. These are just some examples of what would be to come in a world where America loses a war or even a small conflict to China or Russia.”

Why do we need so many aircraft carriers?

“Donadio said; “For the reasons already stated, but here are some more reasons to act now. For one, we need to maintain our global reach. This includes the never before contested Arctic regions. The U.S. Navy can also start building more ice breakers along with the carriers I recommended.”

“The other very obvious reason we need 40 aircraft carriers is that if we have a war with China, we are going to take enormous casualties

“The United States is going to have to accept the fact that it may lose scores of carriers in that conflict. I estimate the U.S. may lose half of the 40 carriers in a war that would include all domains including nuclear. That’s providing the whole world does not go into nuclear war and the earth isnt destroyed. Therefore if we don’t destroy the whole world in the conflict, we will live to see heavy losses at 50% casualty rate. All for what I believe would only come to a stalemate if the conflict were fought in Asian waters.”

“Where is the money going to come from for all these new aircraft carriers? The U.S. will need to increase its defense budget to survive in the new world of 2024 and beyond. We need to increase from the 12% to 35% for defense spending or we may not have a budget to spend at all when we loose a war to China. It is a must for today to counteract all the new technologies that are coming to the battlefield. For example: Robot wars are coming soon. First, each country will send only their drones and robots. Then whom ever robot army wins, will have the advantage against their human opponents. This will also apply to drone ships, drone aircraft and even drone land forces.”

“The good news is that we already have 11 aircraft carriers and 2 more slated to be built. That lesses the amount we need to get closer to the 40 aircraft carriers we could use.”

“The United States is a country that inhabits 331 million people. It is technologically advanced. The U.S. is currently in a position of advantage geographically. The United States is a superpower and it needs to start acting like one by reflecting it through its navy and other armed forces.”

Barry Donadio, Private National Security Consultant

Barry Donadio is a famous author and decorated veteran who has led an adventurous life. Born in Bay Shore, New York, he served honorably in the military, law enforcement, and the U.S. Secret Service, protecting Presidents Bush and Obama in the White House. Donadio received numerous medals for his military service, including the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. After founding the prestigious security firm Public Security LLC in 2013, Donadio became a published author. His book “TWA Flight 800 First Responder Witness Account” recounts his actions during the 1996 crash, and his historical fiction novel “That Day When Hell Froze Over” followed in 2019. Donadio was elected to the Queen Anne’s County Republican Central Committee in Maryland in 2014 and appointed Sergeant at Arms of the Maryland Republican Party in 2017. He continues to serve the Republican Party today in that capacity. In 2022, New York awarded Donadio the Medal for Merit and the Conspicuous Service Star for his military service decades prior. He has since published several more books on New York family histories. Donadio’s varied career and selfless service has led to national fame and recognition.

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Barry Donadio Celebrity Author

President of Public Security LLC, Former U.S. Secret Service, Celebrity Author, American Politician, Sergeant at Arms of the MDGOP, Pro-America